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"Planned Giving"

How you make a positive difference!


There is a common thread running through all donations - a desire to make a personal commitment that will live on forever.

When you make a gift to your Britannia Yacht Club Foundation based on forethought, it is called a “planned giving.” Gifting can take on many forms and can be made in your lifetime or through instructions in a will. Planning to leave a lasting legacy helps maintain and shape your Club for future generations.

"In Memoriam" donations are also a meaningful way to honor a loved one. It is an opportunity to support a cause you truly believe in by contributing to the good of our Club.





The "Circle of Friends" honors those who have made a Legacy or a substantial Project Fund donation.



Livius Sherwood donated $66,000 in 2002 that is now held in the General Fund.


An Anonymous Donor gave $2,000 in 2002 held in General Fund


Charles Marshall bequeathed $115,000 to establish a Youth Sailing Fund in 2009.


Mrs. Jeanne Fuller gave $12,000 for the Elevator Project in 2014.


John Killick gifted $25,000 for the Elevator Project in 2015.


Mrs. Evelyn Noonan bequeathed $3,000 to the General Fund in 2015.





The Foundation also acknowledges contributions to the Elevator project