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Wednesday December 11, 2019 from 6pm to 7pm



The Britannia Yacht club Foundation (BYCF) Bylaw No. 1(Governance By-law), the policies of the foundation and the minutes on board meetings are available for members in BYC’s board room. All documents of the foundation, the minutes of the board and the agenda will be available at the annual meeting.

Among the usual regular business to be dealt with at the annual meeting will be:

(a) the report of the Board, the financial statements and the report of the auditors shall be presented to the Members and,

(b) the auditors of the Corporation shall be appointed by the Members for the ensuing year,

(c) the approved distributions payable to BYC, and

(d) Directors shall be elected.

This fiscal year they are:

Kirk Robertson for a 2 year term as President

Mary Bundy for a 2 year term as Honorary Treasurer

Alain Jegen for a 2 year term as Honorary Secretary


All persons, wishing to be nominated and run for a directorship must have their nomination (signed by a nominator and seconder members of BYCF) into Alain Jegen, Secretary of the BYCF (by email) by December 9, 2019 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

J. Kirk Robertson, President of the BYCF 




Paul W. Dick was our founding President.  He presided over the board as we hammered out our legal framework and all the start-up stuff that just had to get done. 


As of January 2016 the BYC Foundation board of directors consists of the President: Kirk Robertson, Honorary Secretary: Alain Jegen, Honorary Treasurer: Mary Bundy, Director: Carolyn Johnson, Director Communications. 


A large donation in 1999 from Past Commodore, Livius Sherwood, began a dream about of a “foundation” and dutifully held by BYC. A subsequent  bequest from Charlie Marshall allowed the dream to be fully realized and the foundation was established by members in 2010. Many have since donated monies; the Foundation can't thank you enough. The full donors list appears under the donation tab at


BYCF  will continue to accepts gifts and bequests for specific Legacies funds and Projects funds relating to it’s purposes. Legacy donations are invested in “blue chip” stocks with a dividend payout. Only the dividends are distributed yearly as per the terms specified by the donors. 


The board believes that the way it does business always has to improve. We have a non-disclosure policy, which all members of the board, advisors to the board and BYC staff who help, sign every year. We have a written privacy policy on anonymous donations. All our corporate policies can be found at The BYCF continues to strives to gain and maintain your trust by:


  • Being transparent in our effective communications to members, 
  • Seeking member input for worthwhile initiatives, 
  • Investing the monies donated responsibly and according to our Policies and, 
  • Allocating donated funds and the derived income as donors have specified.


BYCF membership is free and is open to all full BYC members. This allows for a direct membership oversight and control of the Foundation by the BYCF members.